Thursday, July 30, 2009

RIT dyed batting project finished! (well, sort of....)

Life has gone on hyper-drive until just this last week or so, what with graduations, visitors, college visits, etc., so it has taken me awhile to get around to posting this. I finally finished my project using the RIT dyed batting. I have this constant swirling image running through my head, which I have made before using commercial fabrics -- but this is the first time I've created it using my own colors. I had a lot of fun grading the colors from light to dark, and in a few places I used some of my dyed wool roving for shading. The whole thing was needlefelted onto another piece of dyed batting, and that's where the problem lies. Because it is batting, it ripples along the edges, and if I quilt it, I'll have to work very hard to ease in all the fullness. I am half inclined just to staple it taut onto a picture frame and be done with it.

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