Sunday, January 30, 2011

This time it's red.

Here's what I'm working on now: I needle felted different red colored roving, along with some RIT-dyed batting to a base of craft felt. Then I added some orange roving and red/purple sari ribbons as accents. I am thinking about doing a similar piece in many different colors and incorporating them all together into a larger "quilt" later on. Or maybe not. It's just so much fun to play with the colors. Sometimes I think I try too hard to make my work "mean" something, when it should really be about being in the moment and enjoying the process.

red needle felted piece (no stitching yet)

Here's a second version. I've been adding stitching to this one, but I'm not entirely satisfied because there is very little contrast -- so the stitches fade into the background.
red needle felted piece with stitching
The next two photos are details, so you can see the stitching. Definitely too subtle, so that's the next thing I have to work on!

stitching detail

stitching detail

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