Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Fair!

Today was our town's annual May Fair, a wonderful event I look forward to all year. There are carnival rides for the kids, lots of booths selling flowers and baked goods, a giant tag sale, and the best barbeque north of the Mason-Dixon line... But if you ask me, the real highlight is the book sale.  Most books are priced at a dollar each; here are some of the treasures I found today:

An 1867 American edition of Charles Dickens

I've never owned a book published in the 18th century before!

This is a gorgeous set of children's books, published in the 1920's
(the whole set was only $5!)

These books were all published prior to 1860; they have such a lovely feeling of weight that modern books just can't match

These books are going to be harvested for visual journaling -- including an 8-volume set of the Memoirs of Casanova (in French):    

I had a lot of fun today!


Kathleen said...

Carole left this comment, which I accidentally deleted (note to self -- never multitask with an iphone, ie. wear the darn reading glasses):

"What gorgeous volumes! I love old books, too."

Jenni said...

You found some real beauties there... And at such good prices! I love old book colors.