Friday, May 13, 2011

Color Frenzy

I tend to work in frenzied bursts of energy, where I can't think of anything but my current project.  My husband was out of town this last week, and so I had three days of uninterrupted time to finish this:
needle weaving
I absolutely love these colors, and I enjoy the needle-weaving technique.  My problem is that in the back of my mind I want my art to be practical, and I can't quite see how to use this.  It is about 9"x13," with raw edges;  I suppose I could sew it into a larger wall hanging..... any other ideas?


Its all in the head.... said...

This seems very different for you - but I like it. Yes, a wall hanging would suit it very well I do like the needle weaving technique. Well done!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. Let it be what it is.

Sue McGettigan said...

First and foremost - it's delightful!! Love the colors and the texture so much. In answer to what to USE it for, I'd think wall-hanging, or a journal cover for a vintage ledger sized journal, a large cushion cover, OR the center of a quilting/weaving project. Any way you choose to use it, it's a wonderful piece.

Jordan said...

I love this! The texture is delightful, and the colors are amazing!! I posted a link back to you on my blog here:

gracie said...

Hang the center of a mirror... so pretty.

libbyquilter said...

it's beautiful and the purpose of/for it was first and foremost the process~!

it's all about the process.
having said that i confess that i find that much easier to say then to do and i myself like 'useful' art. i've recently begun to make atc's and one of the reasons i decided to give them a go was because my brain said "why? what are they going to BE? i know (at least at some level) that it's not about that but i have to push myself to create beyond 'utility' and just enjoy the process.

i do like the idea of a journal cover for this colorful piece. can i ask how it was done?


Kathleen said...

@libbyquilter: thanks for your comment! I agree that it is really all about the process... and it is, most of the time, but that nagging voice of practicality still makes itself heard from time to time, unfortunately! Here is a link to a wonderful tutorial on the needleweaving technique:
Thanks for stopping by!