Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All good things must end

First of all, here's my quilt -- finished after a very long time sitting in the quilting hoop!  The quilt is actually a bit more turquoise than the photo shows... I had some lighting issues when I took the picture.  (One thing I have learned from my "silly photography" class is how vital it is to have good lighting -- but  knowing that is one thing, and achieving it is something else entirely!)

Here are some detail shots of the hand quilting:
shrines detail2shrines detail1shrines detail3

My "silly photography" class is now over, and I have to say it was a fun way to get me to read the manual for my camera!  Here's my final image for the class, which I processed with two layers of  Kim Klassen's "golden" plus one layer of Shadowhouse Creation's "faux daugerrotype."  Check out Kim's Texture Tuesday party to see all the wonderful images that people create with her textures each week.
flower and bee

For me, the hardest assignments in this class were the ones involving strangers.... like the day we were told to take at least 100 snapshots of random people on the street.  I was planning on taking daughter #2 into the city for some shopping anyway, so I figured I could easily do both at the same time.  Let me just say that our shopping expedition was much more successful than the photography!   Although my eye is beginning to see things I might never have noticed before, I was stopped again and again by an inner voice that said, "don't go too close, you might offend someone."  I saw so many interesting things that day:  a toddler sharing his ice cream with a dog, a street vendor dozing in his chair, a little boy in front of a cupcake display trying to make a decision, a couple walking arm in arm oblivious to the crowds on the street.... but I was too afraid of intruding to capture any of those images.  How do street photographers get right into the scene and shoot?  

Here are the pitiful best of my shots that day:
(cupcakes sans little boy -- I didn't want his mom to think I was a stalker!) 

nyc2silly 6

(I cheated here... this is my daughter!)

Sigh. Maybe I should stick with bees and flowers... and quilts!
dead roses
(I used two layers of Kim Klassen's "golden" and one layer of her "dreams")


Brigindo said...

I like the shot of strangers! Especially the two guys on the street and the two girls on the train. I think you should keep it up (although I admit it is hard). Glad you enjoyed your class. I'm starting one in July with Andrea from Superhero Journal.

Cedar said...

That sounds like a very hard assignment! I was also thinking it would be impossible to take pictures while taking my daughter shopping until I saw your daughter is a lot more capable of taking care of herself than my two year old :)

I did take pictures at a public event recently and I found no one noticed or cared, but I was using my zoom.

These are some great shots, and good use of textures!

Buckeroomama said...

I think your urban shots turned out great! I used to just shoot away... it was easier with a point-and-shoot. With a DSLR, it's harder not to be so in-your-face while shooting.

I love the quilt you made!

urban muser said...

your street shots turned out better than you think. i do a fair amount of street shooting--it gets easier with practice, just don't think about it too much.

A Box of Chocolates said...

wow wow that quilt is amazing absolutely gorgeous how clever are you really. I am the same actually here in Australia we aren't allowed to take photos as schools, pools, parks well not directly at the children say on the swings, it is actually against the law. So no more swimming carnival shots or falling down running shots at school sports days. Overkill i reckon but that's the way it goes. So to take strangers in the streets would be a bit of a challenge here. I love your textured roses really vintage looking

debsea said...

wow, beautiful quilt!!! and beautiful photos, the bumble bee is amazing. i'm with you, photographing random folks on the street...way away from my comfort zone!! you did great!

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Beautiful shot´s and amazing texture work. Love it...
Best regards Synnöve

A Rosy Note said...

Your quilt is beautiful. I can't imagine how much work that must have been. It would be very hard for me to go out and photograph strangers too.

Victoria said...

I also like those street shots, (as well as your bee and flower shots!)
And wonderful quilt!!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful photo. Did you like the class? I'm thinking of taking it next time around if there is one.

libbyquilter said...

you have totally cracked me up with your description of street shooting~!!~mainly because i totally feel the same way . . . after all, if you wait until after the shot, to explain and ask permission you may find yourself an uncomfortable street 'attraction' yourself~!
maybe the secret is a lens that allows you to shoot from a longer distance~!?
btw: your daughter looks way too serious for a young lady on a shopping trip. lol

your kk work is lovely which is the real reason i'm here. isn't the world of textures so much fun~!?

i must also comment on your awesome quilt. love that you have hand quilted it and i'm a big fan of the liberated style of working. a shrine quilt is a very interesting idea and i can see why you are sorry to finish this one. i bet it was fun to work on.

i'm now wondering why your blog isn't on my sidebar. it's been a great visit.


elizabeth said...

I'm smiling and relating to the awkwardness of wanting to snap photos but being afraid to offend. Your photos however, I though were great and think your texture work is lovely.