Tuesday, July 5, 2011

An excuse to play!

I am on a roll now with internet-based learning opportunities -- I just started another online art class. This time, I am studying dynamic composition with collage artist Jane Davies

 I love taking classes because they give me a justification for spending hours every day on my art.  Somehow, because I am paying for the privilege, art becomes "work" that I have to do.  This "work" -- which is really play -- takes precedence over mundane things like laundry and house cleaning by virtue of the deadlines that come with class assignments.  Now, if I can only figure a way to be this focused without spending any money..... 

I'm just playing with shapes here:
Last Friday, I decided I needed to make some ATC's, and was really getting into the mood:
But then I looked at the clock.... we were expecting house guests for the Fourth of July weekend in less than an hour, and my kitchen table still looked like this:

 I really zone out when I'm playing with color!

All I can say is:  lucky for me our guests were running late, too.... We had a lovely holiday weekend, culminating in our town's annual picnic and fireworks display.  I did not take my SLR to the fireworks (I don't even pretend to know how to properly capture fireworks); instead, these shots were taken with my iphone:

This one is kind of cool -- I think it looks like the aliens are landing:
 ...while this one looks like a flock of ghostly birds flying toward the sun:

 I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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debsea said...

hi kathleen, thanks for your birthday wishes to my girl! my post did get me a phone call - i knew it would!
wow, your fireworks photos are fantastic - the ghost birds spectacular!!
most of all love those ATC's! and had to laugh at your table...i think we all do that!