Monday, October 17, 2011

It's all relative, you know

I was going through my photos from the World Wide Photo walk again (...yes, I know I've used them a lot lately), and I decided to use this one for my Texture Tuesday submission.  

It struck me that I am older than this car, but the state of Connecticut has classified it as an "antique."  Hmmmm..... what does that make me?

I used Kim Klassen's "Scratches" (soft light @100%, and again @39%, plus one inverted layer on soft light @44%), "Thursday" (overlay @100% and color burn @25%), and "Yesteryear" (color burn @38%)

A workman who was here the other day told me that my house is "older than electricity!"
First I converted the photo to sepia in PSE, then added "Mayzee" (overlay @74% and color burn @33%), "Scratches" (color burn @38%, soft light @40% and multiply @70%), and "Canvas Back" (soft light @49%)

SOOC (I cannot get the mouseover code to work, much as I try!)

Yet for all that, I feel like a spring chicken...I guess it's all relative.


Henrietta said...

I love the house older than electricity:) Beautiful one.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

He,he, he . . . it is all relative. :0)

hannah said...
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hannah said...

One thing that might be blocking this is the fact that you have the new blogger lightbox switched on. Try unticking that in your settings and see if that helpts.

Kia said...

Fabulous "antique" car ;) and house, Kathleen! A great texture work! Have a happy day, greetings from Italy!