Monday, October 10, 2011

Lines and patterns

I've enjoyed Kat Sloma's introductory Finding your Eye class because it has started me thinking about why I take photographs.   Last Sunday's photo walk in Kent (part of the 2011 Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk) was perfectly timed; without consciously thinking about it, the images that I captured that day illustrate the motivations I identified in Kat's class.

Today I'm showing you the "lines and patterns" theme.  You can see the other shots I took that day here.


Jenni said...

They are wonderful....I love the fact you are consciously looking for a certain element. what a fun thing to do.

hannah said...

The letter boxes say that this is not my Kent :-)
Even though we have one, but our neighbours don't. A clue, at last. ah, just saw it: Connecticut.
I wonder if there were any organized photo walks in the UK.
That car looks familiare too.

Cheryl said...

Simply love the walkway with the leaves scattered about! They give such a pop to the picture.

Kia said...

Love the rosemary and the letter-boxes :)
A photo walk must be such a fan thing to do!