Tuesday, November 29, 2011


What amazing weather we've been having here in Connecticut this week!  People were outside in shorts and t-shirts in November!  It feels like time is on some kind of a weird fast track:  it's spring right now, following our 8 inches of snowy weather last month... now I'm ready for summer!  Well, that's just a fantasy, I know, but I am grateful for this short respite from the cold.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday here at home, so "gratitude" is the perfect theme for Texture Tuesday.  Make sure you visit Kim's site to see some really amazing work!
Textured with Kim Klassen's "Chamomile" (color burn @100% and soft light @100%)

I know I've said this before, but my family does NOT appreciate textures.  My husband says this looks like the serving knife has rust all over it.... The pie was delicious, in any case.
"And then some" (soft light @100%, multiply @100%) and "Thursday" (soft light @100%)

Our centerpiece was beautiful, too.  I love how the textures really saturate the blooms here:
"Phoebe" (overlay @100% and color burn @100%) and "And then some" (multiply @100%)
I've been trying to get more intense colors from my photographs, and have been playing with creating high dynamic range images by combining several different exposures of one shot.  This one isn't a great composition by any stretch, but I love how the colors came out, even without adding any textures:
hdr image -- four different shots, blended on soft light mode
original images:  over- and under-exposed

I am grateful for all the wonderful aspects of the day:  the food, the flowers, the weather.... but in the end, the most important thing of all is having family to celebrate with.
My parents


Barb said...

So funny that your hubby just sees a rusty serving knife :) I see a loved and used family heirloom! and a delicious pie!

Teresa said...

Kathleen what a lovely post and I know what you mean about husbands and textures . . . .although I think mine is beginning to come round :-)
Beautiful shots and texture work and I must try the multiple exposures . . .what a lovely result. Happy Tuesday, Teresa x

Linda Trine said...

Love all your images....especially the pie! :-)

Lots of people are purists out there, who have not yet come to appreciate the artistic beauty the textures bring.

I'm Veronica said...

these are lovely shots, I certainly wasn't looking at the serving knife for that pie, I was distracted by the pie.

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Wonderful texture work and a beautiful portrait of your parents. Great !

Pat Mark said...

I love your textures!!There are some who really don't like them but I figure if I do that is what counts. Sounds like your hubby shares your love of photography though. That is great. Nice photos from your Thanksgiving, love the pie. Your quote is so true, something we need to remember.

johanna said...

the pie image also is my favorite! great texture work!

Nadege, said...

That pie looks yummy.
Lovely images and beautiful soft lighting our your parents portrait.

deborah said...

lovely photos and an oh so true sentiment . . .

DebC said...

I loved the serving knife in the photo!
Your texture work is terrific.

Michelle said...

Nice job, I love the pie shot that's my favorite.

kareninkenai, artist said...

beautiful blog; fabulous images and wonderful processing - rust and all... love your background texture also. thank you {texture tuesdays}

Marilyn said...

Wonderful processing. I like the HDR look.

Kia said...

Ciao Kathleen, happy Friday!
Wonderful texture work, as always! ...and I'd love a slice of pie, pretty please! ;)
I admit I didn't like textures too in the past, but now I adore them :)give your hubby time, hehe!
A beautiful portrait of your parents, too!
Have a lovely day!