Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shooting on "blur" at Grand Central

Sunday was such a glorious day!  The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny -- perfect for photography.  My husband and I spent the day in New York, taking a class from the Digital Photo Academy, entitled "Composition in the Field:  Grand Central Station." Our instructor, Morgan, combined technical information on using the camera in low light situations with practical tips on composition and style. It was the perfect level class for us, giving us hands on experience of techniques that we had only read about, but never worked with before.  Both of us were feeling energized and excited about using our newfound knowledge, and were getting lots of great captures.

Except.... that in the hustle and bustle and noise of the city, I kind of forgot to listen for the "chirp" of my autofocus.  I must have accidentally moved the setting on my camera to manual, and the result was that I lost most of my images to blur.  [Sigh.]  And there I was, thinking all day that I really needed to visit the eye doctor!

Here are a few shots that escaped the blur... I'll salvage some more for next week.

This one is great for using the heavier textures; there is a lot of empty space just begging for layers of meaning (see my post earlier today, on why I love layers)
Processed with Kim Klassen's "Warm Grunge" (soft light @100%) and two layers of
"Scripted Autumn (soft light @100% and multiply @100%)
A beam of light illuminated the ticket window just for a moment, and I was there to catch it!
One layer of "Phoebe" (soft light @100%)
Outside, a taxi driver was walking down the line of waiting cabs:
Three layers of "Phoebe" (soft light @100%, overlay @28%, and color burn @14%)

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Pat said...

I love NYC - your pictures are delightful!

Cedar said...

What a fantastic way to spend the day...even with the blur factor! Great captures and texture work! I love the symmetry in the first shot and the light in the second one is divine!

CATHY said...

Oh that sounds like great class - I especially like the one with the taxis. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

fotogran said...

That must have been a fantastic class and there must have been so much to photograph. Sorry about your blur problem but the ones you posted here are great. Love the yellow cabs!

Pat said...

Nice shots! The second one really gives a sense of the busy-ness at Grand Central!

DebC said...

I love that first shot of the clock, but I'm a grunge lover.
The second and third shots perfectly show the area.
I, too, once had trouble focusing my camera, but in reverse from your problem.
I was practicing shots out the window at home and could not get my SLR to focus. At all.
I hadn't yet put in my contacts :)

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

wow - great images; composition and perspective are wonderful. love the clock; thanks so much, kareninkenai (TT)

sabrina sane said...

Wow, would love that class. The clock shot is fabulous, great texture!. I shoot in aperture priority (my camera has no auto) and often have MANY issues with blur. Too many photos of soft focus, as well. Real bummer. Textures and editing can save a couple, but I am finding that it makes sense to take a few while at the moment and risk looking foolish than come home with duds, IMO. I miss so many really cool shots I wish I had and that is a shame, especially when I look through my photo editor of what could have been.

Kia said...

Ciao Kathleen, happy Tuesday! :)
I would love that class! :)
The clock is so beautiful, great edit! The yellow taxis are very nice too! It's always a pleasure visit your blog.
Happy day!